Unicycling Society of America Teens

Hi! I'm Amanda and I'm the On One Wheel Editor! :) 
I'm 15 and a sophomore. My mom is the president of the Unicycling Society of America. I've been unicycling since I was about 4, so I've been doing it for a while now. I ride a 12-foot unicycle in parades and lead on occasion. I'm level 5, but I'd be in level 7 if it wasn't for hop on wheel. >:/ That's about it..


Now, to get down to business.

For On One Wheel, I'm ALWAYS looking for video links, articles, photos, and anything else you want to see in On One Wheel! I'd love to get anything at anytime!


Feel free to send me an email at agrzych@comcast.net with anything-even suggestions!

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