Unicycling Society of America Teens

Teen USA Meeting Agenda – October 11, 2009


I.              Call Meeting to Order

                        In attendance:  Ryan Woessner    , Amanda Grzych (RTUC), James Sui (NYUC), Aaron Schmitz (TCUC), Matt Sindelar (TCUC)


II.            Old Business

A.   Review USA meeting minutes from October 2009.

B.   Review Robert’s Rules. (See Below)


III.           Current Board Members’ and Chairpersons’ Reports

A.   Ryan, Teen Leader: Nothing.

B.   Amanda, On One Wheel: Nothing.


IV.          New Business

A.   Goals for the year:

1.    Help work on legitimate topics in USA

2.    Boost college resumes

3.    Scan old OOWs for website

4.    Update USA website

5.    Update USA records

B.   Roles and Responsibilities

1.    Secretary – You must attend meetings, take notes, and distribute notes to all teen members within 10 days of the meeting.

2.    Webmaster - You must have experience updating and designing websites. You must have access to all the proper software. You must have your own email address. You must check your email frequently and update the website in a timely manner. You are required to attend bimonthly online USA Board Conferences.

3.    Records Updater - You must have access to the Internet. You must have access to software that will enable you to compile information (ex. Excel).

4.    On One Wheel Scanners - You must own a scanner and have access to the Internet (Many volunteers are needed for this position)

5.    General Volunteer -You are open to help out throughout the next 12 months in any capacity necessary to help the USA run smoothly.

C.   Voting

1.    Secretary – Amanda Grzych (Temporary)

2.    Webmaster – Aaron Schmit or Scott Wilton

3.    Records Updater – James Sui

4.    On One Wheel Scanners – Matt Sindelar & Aaron Schmit

5.    General Volunteer – None.

D.   Sign up for committees

1.    Rules Committees – James Sui

2.    Skills Development Committee – None.

3.    Skills Committee – James Sui

E.   NAUCC 2010 –

1.    Hosts would like new events.  Some suggestions include:

1.    Coker Muni

2.    Decathlon

3.    Best trick contest

4.    Best uni hardware

5.    Uni lacrosse, etc.


V.           Announcements

A.   Upcoming Uni Events

1.    UNICON – December.  Matt Sindelar & James Sui are attending.

2.    Anything else?  Ryan made other suggestions:

1.    Each person working with a board member to see what’s going on.

2.    Do a really big project for NAUCC next year.

3.    Think of projects for the year: contacting clubs for hosting NAUCC, scanning OOW, updating records, helping with the website, rulebook committee, and team up with a director.

4.    Think of missing things in the USA & make it better.


VI.          Meeting Adjourned



Teen USA Meeting Agenda – February 7, 2010


I.              Welcome and Approval of Minutes


-          In attendance: Ryan Woessner, Matt Sindelar (TCUC), Amanda Grzych (RTUC), Patricia Wilton (MU), Scott Wilton (MU), Wendy Grzych (RTUC), Alex Zeller (TCUC), Aaron Schmitz (TCUC)

-          Last meeting minutes approved


II.            Reports


-          Website: Aaron gave an update, Scott will make a basic template, they will work together


III.           Old Business


-          Website (Director: Joe) Ryan will connect Joe with Scott and Aaron

-          Scanners (Director: Connie) TCUC in touch with Connie, Matt will spread word

-          Records (Director: Connie/Barb) We though James was interested in this but he wasn’t present

-          Teen Event (Director Bonnie) Each night at NAUCC 2010, there is a social event; the Teens are interested in hosting one, probably on Tuesday, July 13. Ideas were: Musical Chairs, Karaoke, have teen meeting the same night


IV.           New Business


-          America’s Got Talent: fly out to LA and audition, contact Ryan if interested

-          NAUCC 2010

                                -  Going green: the goal is to make it so that people don’t need to rent a car

                                - Lodging: looking for cheap group rates

                                -Tentative schedule up on website

                                -Registration tentatively opens February 15, 1010

                                -Numbers: How many people are we expecting to attend?



V.            Anything else?


-          Articles for On One Wheel, pictures, captions, anything, email to Amanda

-          Phoenix Muni Weekend

-          WOW mini meet, Panther Pride mini meet?

-          IUF Rulebook Meeting coming up

-          Internet people (Scott and Aaron) stay after and talk with Wendy


VI.           Next Meeting


-          April 11, 2010 12 PST



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